We are an actif group working in several sectors , with a strong tradition  , patriotisme and  a good perspective for the futur of  Madagascar.

We are known as a supplier   solid, innovative and trustworthy. Every day , we focus  on the concerns, the needs of our customer and our partenership thus we get as well a great satisfaction from our customer .

We generate a profit and self-sustaining growth through reliable product and services, a long-term professional approaches , an organisation aim at optimal cost control and market access based on the demand.   

We work with targeted strategic expert to strengthen our market position and our competences which are generate by ourselves  . We earn the trust of our customers ,our partners and our collaborators through an outstanding performance achievement , offering a tangible emotion and practicing an active and intelligible communication with mutual respect.   

We practice a culture of commitment and identification.  

 Together ,  we work on the success of  MBIC Group …..   Going increasingly farther.